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Site Maintenance

Most home owners want a yard and garden that they can enjoy with their family and guests. In order for a lawn to look nice and stay healthy, it must be well maintained. Simple maintenance procedures such as removing weeds, pruning and trimming plants and bushes and mowing the lawn can keep the landscape looking good and well maintained

Maintaining your landscape will:

Allow plants and vegetation to get proper nutrition
Give you the ability to enjoy your space for relaxation and entertaining
Increase your property’s worth

Be more appealing and attractive

Healthier Lawn and Garden
When the landscape is well maintained, the lawn, flowers and plants that make up the yard and garden are healthier, prettier and more vibrant. Weeds, dead trees and dead plants can still absorb nutrients from the soil, robbing them from the living plants that need them. Simple tasks such as removing the dead plants, trimming grass and removing weeds will help ensure that the living plants, flowers and trees will get the nutrients they need. This will ultimately improve the quality of the landscape and make maintaining it much easier.

Better Quality of Life

Landscapes that are healthy and well maintained can give home owners a better quality of life. The yard and/or garden can act as a place to relax, spend quality time with the family or entertain guests. When the landscape is well maintained and healthy, home owners, family members and guests can enjoy it more often.

Adds Beauty

A properly maintained landscape means a beautiful lawn, garden and flower bed, making the home more appealing. Once the basic aspects of landscaping, such as trimming the lawn and pruning plants, has been finished, the home owner can concentrate on adding flowers, lawn decorations and garden fixtures like fountains. If the landscape is not well maintained, these items will look more like clutter than lawn accessories.

Improves Property Value

The landscape of a home can greatly impact its value. In fact, the The American Society of Landscape Architects recommends that home owners make their landscapes as much as ten percent of their homes value. A landscape that has been properly maintained helps to improve the look and appeal of the home. When landscapes are left to grow out of control, they can make the home appear messy or dirty, and even attract rodents and insects that can infest the home.


Sunbelt offers a variety of Maintenance Packages 

Weekly -- Monthly -- Seasonal

  • Property Clean-Up
  • Mowing

  • Aeration

  • Mulching

  • Dethatching

  • Pruning

  • Insect Control

  • Soil Fertility & Water Conservation Programs

  • Weed Removal & Management

  • Diagnosis of Plant Disease & Treatment

  • Plant/Tree Removal & Replacement

  • Irrigation Repair & Replacement

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