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Water Conservation

 Reduce Water Usage 30%-60%

Sunbelt's Soil Fertility Program

Sunbelt's, scientifically proven,  WATERTHRIFTY© system includes all organic soil amendments that are custom blended for each site based on the results of soil testing. This unique bio-dynamic approach leads to a 50% water savings over the traditional methods of soil amendments.


      • Custom Soil & Plant Tissue Analysis -- Site Specific
      • Custom Blended Nature’s Bio® 100% Organic Fertilizer


Nationally, communities have been faced with increased demands on existing water supplies. Consequently, there is a greater focus on water conservation, not just in times of drought, but in anticipation of future population growth. Water can no longer be considered a limitless resource. A philosophy of conservation of water through creative landscaping has engendered the new term, xeriscape. A compound of the Greek word xeros, meaning dry, and "-scape," as in landscape; "Xeriscape" landscaping essentially refers to creating a landscape design that has been carefully tailored to withstand drought conditions.

Pronounced as if it began with the letter "z", the use of "xeriscaping" originated, in 1981, with the Front Range Xeriscape Task Force of the Denver Colorado Water Department The goal of a xeriscape is to create a visually attractive landscape that uses plants selected for their water efficiency. Properly maintained, a xeriscaped yard can easily use less than one-half the water of a traditional landscape. Once established, a xeriscaped yard should require less maintenance than turf landscape.

Many people confuse Xeriscaping with "Zero-scaping." While both of these landscapes use less water than the traditional, turf-dominated approach, they are totally different in appearance and appeal. Xeriscaped yards are lush and beautiful; using a wide variety of water-efficient plants to create an oasis-like feeling.  While Zero-scaped yards are hot and less interesting; using lots of rocks and typically only junipers, cactus and/or yuccas. 

Benefits of Xeriscape
  • Xeriscaping Saves Water
    Using native and other drought-tolerant plants can significantly reduce water use.
  • Xeriscaping Saves Time
    De-emphasizing the use of bluegrass lawns and other thirsty plants is a common-sense approach that can reduce the time you spend watering, fertilizing and mowing.
  • Xeriscaping Saves Money
    reducing water use can lower your water bill. Xeriscaping can also reduce maintenance costs and increase the beauty and value of your property.

** The ABCWUA offers money-saving rebates (SLN can provide you with all the required paperwork needed to file for your rebates)

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